Shipping & Tracking

Shipping destination Shipping Method Shipping Cost FREE Shipping
Cambodia J & T Express $2.00 Over $80 in cart
International EMS $50.00 Over $980 in cart


  • Food can not be shipped internationally.
  • International shipping: 2-4 weeks. Some countries may take longer due to Covid-19.
  • All orders are subject to verification.
  • Shipping charges are calculated by the USD cart purchase amount.
  • We reserve the right to change or discontinue free shipping at any time.
  • Depending on customs clearance and local handling conditions delivery time may differ.


Please check SF Express tracking after you received our shipping notification with tracking number. Once the package enters your country, use your national tracking system.

National Post Tracking

Cambodia Post

China Post

USA, US Postal Service

Japan Post

Taiwan Post

Korea Post

Canada Post

United Kingdom, Royal Mail

Germany, Deutsche Post

Switzerland, Swiss Post