Why Choose Jungle Snack

How Do We Select Healthy Snacks and Dried Foods?

4+ Months, 10+ Suppliers and 20+ Options, that's the minimum length and effort that it takes for each of our product development.

Importing samples, tasting and comparing. This process usually repeats 3 - 5 times until we find the best one in taste, freshness, ingredients and production process. That's why we say we provide the highest quality of Healthy Eating products in Cambodia. We enjoy these Healthy Dried Foods too.

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Got a locally produced product that you think is better? We are more than happy to switch to local ones. Don't hesitate to message us.

How Do We Ensure Freshness?

Food storage is a significant challenge in the Kingdom's hot and humid environment. To ensure we deliver Fresh Snacks and Dried Foods, we use cutting-edge technology to manage inventory. This enables us to more accurately and efficiently estimate sales and delivery time.

Nuts, Seedsa and Dried Fruit Mix

Level Up With Eco Packaging

After testing over three dozen Eco-Friendly packaging materials, we have settled on a new type of PLA (Polylactic Acid) bag, which is Certified Home Compostable and safe to burn. Our bags are made from fermented cassava or a mix of similar plants.

We take eco-friendly packaging seriously. It's not just about using craft paper, as this doesn't provide sufficient protection to food products, especially in Cambodia's hot, moist and buggy environment. I'm sure you have experienced that.

We are constantly searching for better packaging that's compostable and sturdy enough for our Healthy Snacks and Dried Foods. Thanks to our customers' feedback, we are using the BEST Eco-Friendly packaging materials available in the market.

Curious? Try our 100g Travel Pack and see for yourself

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