Zenopium Commune

A community that brings together smart people from tech, permaculture and the sustainability field to Cambodia. Explore the possibilities of living sustainably without plastic and producing least to zero waste. Promote such ways of living both online and offline.

Commune members can enjoy free stays on the beautiful tropical mountain, minutes away from the beaches. Learn and practice Kendo and Zen meditation. Meet cool people, independent thinkers from all over the world, including, most importantly, the locals.

More About The Sustainability Project

Life in The Jungle

Check out what we are building, making, eating and using in the tropical jungle, how we do our best to live sustainably, follow Zenopium Youtube channel

Zenopium hq office

Why We Founded Zenopium

After San Francisco, Tokyo and Shanghai, we - Chris and Yewen, decided it's time to abandon city life, go back to nature, a simple way of life.

Moving to Cambodia is not a difficult decision, but the process is complex. Finding a place to live, acquiring the right documents, flying our 3 rescue cats, vaccinations etc., it all takes patience, time, endless trials and errors.

Finally we found our dream place in Kep, a parcel of jungle bordering the Kep National Park. We are building something meaningful to ourselves and to people who care about the beautiful mountains and beaches they live on.

transporting cats to Cambodia

Sustainability Meets Tech

Chris and I have the same goal but different interests.

He is a Kendōka and Zen practitioner with 4 decades of practice. Chris is always fascinated by the power, resources and beauty nature provides.

Simple, smart, cost-effective living, compositing, Kombucha and renewable energy are totally his things. The only "luxury" he buys are Apple products.

Born in Switzerland, Chris has lived at fascinating places around the world. As an independent Porsche Racing mechanic, accompanied with some programming skills, he is really good at building practical and beautiful products, both digital and physical.

My background is digital marketing. I'm crazy in love with the tech innovations happening in every industry and trying my best to keep up with everything. But at the same time, I am paranoid where tech is leading us, surveillance, personalization and manipulation, “Black Mirror” is definitely coming sooner than you expect.

To explore the crossing of sustainability and tech, we created Zenopium, an experimental project of humanity, technology and nature.

Chris and Yewen on the Kep National Park

Zenopium Eco Friendly Products

Unique, plastic free and eco-friendly products that we eat, drink or use ourselves. We aim to seek materials from local, renewable natural resources.

Profit from Zenopium products will support The Sustainability Project and locals who take care of the natural resources.

Check Out The Prodocts

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